One of the tallest viewable falls on the highway and often has an impressive amount of flow.

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Mar 13, 2022 · There are actually only a few Road to Hana waterfalls that are safe for swimming. Extreme hikers can take a treacherous hike to a spectacular views and pool at the.

Upper Puohokamoa Falls is a small waterfall that is about 30 feet (9 m) high.


The water isn’t deep enough to cliff jump in because there are rock hazards. . If you have the time, I'd suggest driving to around the 10 mile marker of the Hana Highway and stop at the Garden of Eden.

Upper Puohokamoa Falls, for example, was my previous favorite falls to jump from, but now large fences keep anyone from even getting a peek.

Several domesticated animals live inside the garden including peafowl, chickens, ducks, geese, and even some horses. . 9.

This small waterfall is located approximately a half mile past the 11 mile. .


Alelele Falls.

Twins Falls is located at Mile Marker 2 on the Hana Highway. .

The falls plunge 270 feet down several cascading tiers, with an upper and lower falls. .

The views of the upper and lower Puohokamoa Falls are elusive, but there is a pull-off for the lookout between mile markers 10 and 11, which will lead you to an overlook from which you can view the falls.
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You will most likely be surprised if you find these hidden swimming holes in the Hawaiian forest.

Twin falls Maui.

Two days later, we passed by it as we sought out waterfalls we didn’t get to stop for the first time around.

. For those that do venture down, the Three Bears are great to swim in, with beautiful, crystal-clear water. .

. 8 miles past mile post 10] Upper Puohokamoa Falls [by mile post 11] Ha’ipua’ena Falls [0. 9. There’s also the Upper Puohokamoa Falls near mile marker 12. .


The journey along Hana Highway starts as you depart Paia town (see previous blogs) which is the last city before the adventures begin. We drove past the Garden of Eden Arboretum, not caring to pay $15 to see the falls from above, and started looking for the falls from the road.



This fall is typically much harder to get to so most people skip it; Ching’s Pond & Falls, 0.


You can also catch a good look at Upper Puohokamoa Falls from within the garden.