Use a hyphen when two or more words act as a single adjective before a noun.

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(The hyphen makes it clear that the meaning is "to press again" and not "repress" as in "to put down by force. Closed compound words: no spaces between the words.

Hyphens can often be seen in any medium where complexity and special terms are common, such as literature, newspapers, and scholarly forms.

For example, ‘A crocodile eating brain’.

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one-syllable words.

“Computer related” is a compound adjective and whether or not you should use a hyphen depends on where it is located in the sentence. This may sound like a judgment call, but the following guidelines can help you make the call in many cases. Sep 12, 2022 · Hyphens (-) connect words and parts of words, and aren’t separated by spaces.

The en dash is approximately the length of the letter N, and the em dash the length of the letter M. A hyphen is used to join two words together that describe a noun.


If a compound word does not appear in the dictionary, it is called a temporary compound.

Namibian-registered green hydrogen development company Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has signed nonbinding memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with two major industrial companies for the supply of up to 750 000 t/y of green ammonia. Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has signed a deal with the government of Namibia for the next phase of a $10-billion green hydrogen project that will export to Europe once complete, the two parties said on.

If a hyphen makes the meaning clearer. .

") re-establish (This is easier to read than "reestablish.
Nov 11, 2022 · The 3 types of compound words.
Use a hyphen to tell the age and lengths of time of things and people.

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The em dash (—) is twice as. The hyphen (-) is different from en dash (–) and em dash / long dash (—). His main treatise, The Art.

The hyphen ( -) is the small bar found on every keyboard. The longer em dash (—) is used to separate. (Learn more about the difference between a. g. – RegDwigнt.

2-syllable words.

The common rule of thumb. ”.



The easiest one to deal with is the minus sign.


There are three types of compound words in grammar, determined by how the words are separated.